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Hi, welcome to the Monkey and Tiger wiki (otherwise known as the SomeWhat Presto wiki, or simply the Somewhat Wiki). This wiki is for editors to put their creative minds together, to create the ultimate wiki. If you're would like to join our community press edit on any page if you want to add more information, or click the add button to create a new page. For more information check below, now get working.

Quote of the Moment

"You fool it was but a facade I simply want your BEANS" -Lord Farquaad

Page of the Month

The page of the month is: Tournament of Triumph

Requested Pages

Dark Vader Sokka Rap Unzel The rest of the Kidult Mutant Ninja Turtles Chewbacca


This wiki is for editors to put their creative minds together and create, a new character, and recreate characters, with comedic pages. The only rules are don't vandilaze pages, don't be inappropriate, and be cooperative with other users. You can make pages on video lames (video games), tv shaws (tv shows), sEivom (movies), or your favorite characters.

Current Wiki Goals

We are currently working on adding tables to every page and finding more editors.

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